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Angelica Barley (アンジェリカ・バーレイ Anjerika Bārei) is a Mage and an Artificer with her own shop. She's also the wife of David Barley and the mother of Althea Barley.[3][4] In the English translation published by Seven Seas Entertainment, the surname is given as Purley.




She has known Elias since she was a child, though not as his apprentice. During magic training, there was an accident causing gems to merge with her flesh. She has grown cautious of magic, though that has not stopped her from opening a magic shop in England. Angelica married David and together they had a daughter named Althea. 


Skills and Abilities

The Sight

Like Chise, Angelica can see and ask for the help of the fae.


She specializes in embuing tools with magic, or making them for the purpose of magic. She uses these skills to construct magical accessories that help to control Chise's magic production in order to prevent her from killing herself as Sleigh Beggy's produce far too much magic for their bodies to handle.


She has formed a familiar bond with a vodanoi, Hugo. She also has other neighbors in her shop, suggesting she has the assistance of more than just Hugo.


As a magus like Lindel, Angelica possesses an extremely long lifespan beyond that of normal humans. In a flashback when she and her husband first met, Angelica's appearance was the same as the present while David appeared as a young boy.



  • Angelica's shop is hidden behind an old bookstore which she likely uses as a front in modern day London.
  • Angelica's parents are shown briefly in a flashback in the manga when she first meets Elias. It is unknown if her parents are still alive or if they were also mages.
  • Elias now makes teddy bears for her daughter Althea.
  • Possibly Scottish or Irish based on her dialect, using terms like "Lass" when referring to Chise.
  • She is from England.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, her height is 170cm (5'7") and weight is 68kg (150lb).


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