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There is no place like home. (我が家に勝るものはない。 Wagaya ni masaru mono wa nai.): is the 24th chapter of the manga written by Kore Yamazaki.


Silky minds the house after Chise and Elias leave. After falling asleep on his couch, Silky dreams of her past.


Silky sits outside of an abandoned house, weeping. She is noticed by Redcurrant and she asks what she is doing. She doesn't reply, but Redcurrant continues by saying that human houses break down so quickly without people to live in them. Another leánnan sídhe appears and tells Redcurrant to let her be, as there's nothing sadder than a banshee who has no one to hear their cries. She says that they should go the town over, as there's cute boys living there. Before they leave, Redcurrant suggests that she moves somewhere else.

Silky leaves after the other two and begins to wander. She remembers a woman holding a baby. She tells the baby that if he doesn't stop crying, their clan's banshee will take him as one of her own. Silky is joined by another banshee and they smile at each other.

On a rainy day at the same house, a man looks out the window. Another man notes that he can hear the banshees from there. He says that Father was a good man, and banshees cry loudest when good men pass on. A group of banshees cry by a grave, along with Silky.

Silkie begins crying again and she is surrounded by black grim. Spriggan asks what a banshee would be doing there. He asks where her home is, but she suddenly collapses. Silently crying, she tells him that she wants to be with somebody. He tells her to get on one of the black grim. She does, and he leads them to a house. He tells her that it's an old home, one with history and tradition. He says that, though the line of a clan will fade and end, homes can be destroyed and rebuilt as long as someone calls it their home.

He tells her that, though the light she followed died out, she can be the one who keeps that spark alive. He transforms her into a Silky. He says that she doesn't need to thank him, because it's his mission as a sentinel to protect the young. She kneels and kisses his forehead. He tells her to farewell as she walks to her new life.

Silky wakes up and hears footsteps. When they walk in, Chise begins apologizing but is interrupted when Silky hugs her. She hugs Elias as well.

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