Chise Hatori (羽鳥 智世, Hatori Chise) is a Sleigh Beggy and one of the main protagonists of the series. She is the apprentice and wife of Elias Ainsworth. Later, it is revealed that Chise is the daughter of Yuuki Hatori & Chika Hatori. She is also the older sister of Fumiki Hatori.[2] When she gets married to Elias Ainsworth, she is now known as Chise Ainsworth.


Chise is a girl in her mid-teens. She has fair skin, shoulder-length red hair (that she inherited from her mother Chika Hatori) and wide green eyes. Her clothes vary, but she is most often seen with a red sweater, skirt and green coat.

She was gifted a necklace by Elias made from a cursed stone; whose hole was created naturally at the bottom of a river. By looking through the center, she can see the true form of Elias' acquaintances.

Another permanent addition, also a gift from Elias, is a ring she wears on her right index finger that was made by Angelica Barley. The ring keeps her from absorbing too much magic.

One of Chise's arms were later changed due to falling under the Dragon's Curse, her arm has been transformed into a more wood-like appearance, increasing in size from the elbow and forward, as it's covered in bandages and other restrictions. As well as this, her left eye has been replaced with one of those of Cartiphilius'. The transplanted eye has taken on her color and the arm has shrunken to its normal size since resolving the curses within her.

She is 54kg and 155cm[1].


Chise seems to be a typical teenage girl, though with a somewhat meek, subservient personality and issues with socialization, having had been considered an oddball by other children her age. She also tends to become attached to others quickly, particularly those who show her kindness. This exterior, however, belies a kind and courageous interior willing to go above and beyond in helping others, even at her own expense.

The story begins with Chise falling into severe depression and selling herself into slavery, not considering what may happen to her as a result and displaying no concern for her well-being. When bought by Elias, she seemed fine being viewed as his experiment because he took her in when no one else would. With time, however, it's apparent that she was worried that Elias would throw her aside.

From the beginning, she had little self-preservation and would place the well-being of others above her own health. She can be rash with magic, exhausting herself. Nevin mentions that by putting herself down, she degrades the worth of her actions and the people they affect. After speaking with Nevin, and Lindel, she seems to have taken the steps forward to open herself up.

Despite her lack of self-confidence, Chise is extremely dedicated to her role as an apprentice and her studies. She is very intelligent, though is rather naive - best evidenced by the fact that she is often tricked by fairies and similar creatures, who derive joy from her confusion.

However, in recent developments, Chise has made up her mind to be an optimist, and displays newfound joy.

She is afraid of thunder, perhaps because she had to suffer it alone.


There was a point in time when she was happy. Both her parents had the gift of sight. As a Sleigh Beggie, she attracted spirits both good and bad. Her father kept them away until he ran away with her brother. After that, her mother became stressed with the amalgamations that constantly appeared. She tried to kill Chisé, but let go of her daughter's throat. Instead, her mother left her the only way she could and killed herself.

Chisé was then passed around by her relatives as no one wanted to have her in their home. Eventually, Chise fell into a deep depression. She even tried to kill herself by jumping of the top of the school building before the beginning of the story. However, a man confronted her and convinced her to sell herself to someone who would care for her instead of killing herself. At the time she knew that she was a Sleigh Beggie, but not what that was, nor why someone would find value in her. The man taught her how to read and speak English. It is mentioned in an extra that they made her look dirty to earn sympathy.

At the auction house, she was bought for five million pounds and began living with Elias Ainsworth, in his household, which is set in a village, close to London.


College Arc

Skills and Abilities

Sleigh Beggy

Metaphorically, a Sleigh Beggy has a lot of blood, but a weak heart. They are able to gather and expend vast amounts of magic, so much so that their bodies wear away. They are known to have short lives and die in one of their long periods of rest.

Because of these traits, magicians are willing to pay a high price to have them as a tool of vast magic, to spend to the point of exhaustion for the rest of their short lives.


Magic is brought forth through the connection with the fae and one's own view of the world. Chise has been shown to be able to purify, fly, and create potions. As a Sleigh Beggie, Chise is favored by the fae, amounting to a large amount of magic potential, without the skills to control the massive pressure it has on her body.

Link To Mind and Memory

The unconscious mind is a passage. Chise is gifted in traveling into the minds of others. Without the intention to do so, she has peered into the memories of Ruth and the stagnation, see the memories of the dragon she met in the nest of dragons, as well as speak to Cartaphilus in a dream-like state.


Using a magical pelt granted to her by Ashen Eyes, Chise can transform into animals depending on the situation., becoming a bear in order to track down Elias and Ethan and then a wolf when Elias leaves in a jealous fit. It should be noted that this skill has no relation to the American Navajo version and instead is more related to the Nordic-Scandinavian Ulfhendar.


Like Lindel Chise can imbue her magic through singing allows her to do various things. So far she put Elias Ainsworth and the dragon Paulina to sleep using her songs.

Super Strength

Since she has taken on the Dragon's Curse, she has gained the ability to lift around the weight of two people minimum. She mentions having to struggle to control her strength.

Enhanced Senses

Since she has taken on the Dragon's Curse, she has gained a stronger sense of smell.

Spells & Incantations

This spell is used in conjunction with a fae and ingredients to make an insomnia potion:

Sound, sound, through the night forest.
Sing, sing, young hawthorns.
Let your thorns pierce the creeping hooves.

This spell is used in conjunction with a fae of choosing to bind them as a familiar:

Tie now the silver thread.
Tie now the roots of our veins.
The holly, so that we may not be separated.
The ivy, so that we may not come apart.
Tie to the yew tree seven times.
Until the day the snake spits out its tail.

This was an instance of chise using a spell with an Ariel to convert a corruption into flower petals but it is unclear if the spell is actually Chise's or if it's the Ariels doing:

Like a dandelion lifting it seed to the wind.
Then firmly rooted, sprouting.
As the parting wind, blowing to the unknown destiantion.

This spell is used to open a locked door:

You are a good lock, but an old lock.
I am the oil to grease your hinges,
the golden key to open you wide.

This spell is used to light a candle:

Flicker and dance, tongues of flame.
Colors of autumn, like roots of barley.
Flicker and dance, and light my way.


(It hurts, doesn't it? It hurts when no one understands.)


  • Her name Chise used the kanji "Chi 智" which means wisdom and "Se 世" which means generations or world. That makes her name mean "the wise generation".
  • Her surname Hatori (羽鳥) means "wing of a bird"
  • She was bought by Elias for 5 million pounds. Because she sold herself into slavery, she ironically obtains half the money giving her a life savings of 2.5 million pounds which is what she planned on using during the auction of the dragon whelp.
  • Her "wedding dress" is colored differently in the anime and manga. In the manga, Chise wears a black strap dress with a black neck choker, whilst in the anime the dress is white full shoulder dress with a white neck choker and a veil that wasn't in the manga.
  • Chise's nickname of "Robin" nickname can refer to her red hair and bird like name. The robin is a bird species with small size and redbreast color.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, her height is 155cm (5'1") and weight is 54kg (119lb).
  • As far as it is known, Chise is of Japanese descent. Ashen Eye thinks that she has some European ancestry, as well, due to her appearance.


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