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Hazel (ハシバミ Hashibami): is a Faerie working as Courier, delivering both letters and packages for anyone who calls upon him.[2]


Hazel, is a Faery, with a humanoid upper body (head and torso) with the lower body and legs of a horse, making him resemble a Centaur . His humanoid part, has light brown skin, medium brown eyes and wavy hair of the same colour, worn in a bob-cut. Like most Fae, his ear shape is elf-like. His human part also possesses broad shoulders. His horse part has a medium brown coat with light brown hooves. Hazel's physique is slim and strong, he is also very tall in height, standing even taller than Elias. Hazel is usually seen with an alert facial expression.

On the human part of his body, Hazel wears a black capped hat, a black shirt with a grey cloak over it, a green scarf, that is tied beneath the cloak and grey gloves. Hazel wears red bags, on his horse body, presumably to carry packages and letters in.


Hazel's general appearance.


Hazel is a friendly and polite Faery, who seems happy to carry out his job.



Hazel, arrives to the household of Elias Ainsworth, after being called upon and agrees to deliver Christmas presents from Elias to others, before leaving. He later on, encounters Chise Hatori and Alice, on their outing together, and advises them on what to buy, for their masters.

Skills and Abilities





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