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Joel Garland (ジョエル・ガーランド Joeru Gārando): was a widowed old man who took care of a rose garden. A vampire resided with him, but he didn't have the ability to see her.[2]




His wife from an arranged marriage died early, leaving him to tend to the rose garden.[3] While watering this garden, his eyes, briefly, saw a girl of silver hair and otherworldly beauty, a leánnan sídhe vampire who stayed with him thereafter. Through his life, he kept the image of her, yearning to see her again, and writing a short story about their short meeting.


Redcurrant wakes Chise to ask for her help. Joel is nearing death. Drawing closer to death, he voices his fears to Elias while Chise overhears. He mentions seeing a women with eyes the color of redcurrants, regretting he would not see her again[4]. With a week left to live, Chise creates a fairie salve so that Joel can see Redcurrant.

Upon seeing her, Joel offers what life he has to the leánnan sídhe. Seeing his muse a reality, he is no longer frightened of death and fades away. Redcurrent admits to herself that she loved him, and chooses to take care of his garden until the world turns to dust.

Skills and Abilities



Chise Hatori

Elias Ainsworth





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