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Nevin (ネヴィン Nevin) was a Wu-il from the Land of Dragons.




Nevin is a very kind and polite dragon, and with the typical "Sweet Old Man" type of personality. He aims to provide guidance to those who need it, returning to Chise through her wand to assist her. As others speak, he listens. He cares deeply for those around him.



Nevin is of a species of dragon known as a Wu-il. This kind of dragon is known to be the bearers of forest and greenery when their bodies decay return to the earth. Before Nevin passed away he shared a memory with Chise of the great dragon's flight. On his passing, he requested Chise to return so she could make a staff from one of his branches.

Chise later returns and with the help of Lindel, they cut off one of Nevil's branches and from there Chise cuts it into shape and Lindel offers to make the final touches for the staff. Once it's given to Chise however, she is summoned into a boundary between the living and the deceased in order to speak to Nevil once again. Chise shares her struggles to Nevin, he listens and gives his advice on the matter before she departs.

Skills and Abilities


Chise Hatori

Nevin holds a particular liking to Chise from the moment he meets her, and acts very kind and humble towards her. After teaching her that no dragon is upset during another's death, he insists for her to use the wood from the tree that grows out of him to build her wand, and she does. After his passing, he returns to her through the magic of her wand and listens as she talks about her struggles. Then he gives advice to her and reassures her of what to do.


"The living should not envy the dead."



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