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Silver Lady (シルバーレディ Shirubāredi), more commonly referred to as Silky (シルキー Shirukī), is a former Banshee that was transformed into a Silky with the help of Spriggan. She's currently the housekeeper within the residence of Elias and Chise and a supporting character in the series.


Spriggan thinks she is the vision of a silvery flower, which may be why she has taken the namesake. Silver has one outfit: a pink Victorian dress with a matching shawl and bonnet. The bonnet has yellow flowers on each side. Her hair is blonde and was once long, however it became much shorter after her transformation.


According to Elias, Silver was never the type for idle chatter. Silver remains mostly silent in her appearances with a stoic look on her face and an often reserved demeanor. Despite this she is capable of showing emotion at times, such as being content when Chise returned after being awoken by Oberon and growing defensive of Chise in the presence of Simon. She is also shown to grow upset when her food is left uneaten or mealtime is ignored or forgotten.

Possibly owing to the fact that she is a Sleigh Beggy, Silver appears to dote on Chise quite a bit and takes great pleasure in providing for her in any way that she can. She appears to be most content when Chise is around and eating her food. Conversely, she is shown to be depressed when Chise suffers from her ailments as a Sleigh Beggy and must be away from home for long periods of time. When Chise nearly dies after creating the fairy salve, she is shown to be completely devastated and embraces Chise and Elias happily when they return safely.

Silver also supposedly has a sense of humor, as she enjoys occasionally playing pranks on her inhabitants such as sewing hearts into Chise and Elias' clothes.

Silver appears to be unable to leave the house of her own accord. It is unknown if this is an innate characteristic of her being a Silky, or whether it stems from her own fears of being forgotten and losing her home. When Chise collapsed from exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep for two weeks, Silver grew worried enough to the point where she attempted to leave through the front door. However, in Episode 12, when Chise collapse after transforming into a firebird, Silver appears running from the house with Ruth in order to cover her with a blanket.


Silver was once a banshee, whose clan had all died out. She wandered around aimlessly until Spriggan crossed her path. He takes her to a lit home owned by a Victorian family, who still observed ancient traditions, and transforms her into a Silky. Elias gains ownership some time later, meaning Silky predates Elias' residence [1].


Skills and Abilities


Silver is shown to be incredibly proficient at housekeeping duties ranging from cleaning to cooking and even sewing. She is also shown to be knowledgeable in washing and grooming pets. According to Elias, she is also capable of performing night watch duties while her inhabitants sleep.


Silver is capable of cooking a wide variety of traditional British dishes. These dishes bare resemblance to the "Pub Food" that is served in Britian

Housekeeping Magic

Silver is capable of altering the details of the house that she, Elias, and Chise inhabit. During the winter she used magic to change the walls and also added carpeting over the wooden floor in preparation for Chise and Elias' return.


Elias Ainsworth

Elias and Silver have supposedly known one another for quite some time. It's implied that Silver was introduced to Elias after he takes up ownership of the house, previously owned by a Victorian family (potentially Georgian, as the house is Georgian in design, but Silky's outfit is Victorian in nature suggesting the former). Not much is known about their relationship, other than the fact that Elias regards her as a landlady and respects her greatly. She does not seem to hold any disdain for Elias like the other neighbors do due to his nature as a "half-neighbor" being.

Chise Hatori

Silver appears to be quite attached to Chise, often doting on her. This is likely due to Chise's condition as a Sleigh Beggy. Silver appears to take great pleasure in serving Chise. When Chise collapsed for two weeks, Silver grew so worried that she tried to leave the house on her own to bring food to her. She is not above getting upset at Chise, such as when she and Elias forgot to finish breakfast due to being distracted by magic tools that Angelica sent to them.

Although their relationship seems somewhat one-sided, it appears that Chise has a friendly relationship with the Silver Lady. Chise remembered to buy souvenirs for her when she visited London while Elias was recuperating from the battle against Cartaphilus.


Silver Lady and Ruth have a odd, and largely unexplored relationship. In one of the omake's, Silver Lady is seen giving Ruth a bath (while he is in dog form), and is shown stating that Chise doesn't take enough care of him. A little after Christmas, when Chise and Elias are having a spat, Silver Lady fondles the underside of Ruth's jaw adn the top of his head before giving him a pleasent wave when he goes to find Chise. Ruth, for his part, finds her behavior rather strange.


Spriggan stumbled upon Silver when she was wandering the lands as a Banshee. He is the one responsible for introducing her to Elias' home and turning her into a Silky. According to him, Silver is still considered to be a child. He considers it his duty to look out for lost neighbors like Silver and give them his protection. Silver is shown to be very grateful to him for giving her a new purpose in life.



  • She bears a striking resemblance to the Plain Doll, a character from the 2015 video game Bloodborne. This is most apparent in the style of their clothing.
  • It is shown in the omake of volume 4 of the manga that Silver's hair is short underneath her bonnet. This is later confirmed in volume 5 when she is transformed into a Silky by Spriggan.
  • She will never accept payment, will sometimes play pranks, and tries to stay out of sight. The cup of cream you might see resting on top of the fireplace is hers.(A cup of cream or milk on the fireplace is the best way to show Brownies your gratitude)
    • Despite one of her 4 clauses stating that she tries to stay out of sight, she is seen quite often around the house throughout the series.
  • According to Silver, Chise doesn't take care of Ruth enough.
  • She is from Scotland.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, her height is 157cm (5'2").


Silver's first color scheme in the anime.
Silver's second color scheme in the anime.
Silver in the manga
Silver Banshee
Silver as a Banshee.



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